We all rely on WiFi in our everyday life – streaming music, browsing the internet, smart thermostats, the list goes on.  Its the forgotten daily essential!  For years we have worked with corporate clients to ensure they have excellent coverage in their offices and frequently survey and heatmap to document the coverage they have.   Whereas at home you are sent a WiFi Router by your ISP (who normally claims that its the fastest, best in class, blah, blah) and you plug it in, read the login details from the sticker on the bottom and connect your devices.  All sounds great, but what about when you go to the shed at the bottom of the garden, or are relaxing on the patio?  Do you still get coverage?

Historically Phone Companies would present their copper telephone cables near the front door of a property – we all remember the hallway table with the telephone on it.  Broadband came along, using the same infrastructure and suddenly there was a modem and cables clipped to skirting boards to service a PC stuck in the corner of the lounge.  Sadly the termination point hasn’t changed, but ISPs have now opted to stick WiFi technology into their router, which doesn’t really do the job very well.  And why would it?  The ISP doesn’t want to spend more than a fiver on you as a customer, they don’t care if you switch to someone else at the end of your contract, but you are the one trying to live with patchy WiFi or at times non existent WiFi.  You can call their tech support line and they will go through the same process, you need to Power Cycle the Router – what’s this?  Some new training regime in the gym?  No, just switch it off and on again.  Will that give you better WiFi?  Sadly not.

We’ve seen so many people struggle with poor WiFi coverage and realised that we could utilise the technology we use for Corporate clients but on a smaller scale.  We looked at the market place to find a product range that was reliable, stable and available at a reasonable price.  We opted for Unifi and wanted the process to be as easy as possible. We wanted to offer a Plug & Play solution, no more logging into an interface to set things up.  All Unifi Access Points we supply are pre-configured and managed on our Cloud Controller.  We can clone an existing WiFi network so your devices connect seamlessly, we don’t think it can be any easier!

Want to know more?  Contact us and we will talk you through our offering.

We may not be as cheap as Amazon, but ask Alexa if she can configure your Unifi setup 🙂