The Data T®-Cutter tool is a small and compact yet efficient hand actuated cable cutter with dual curved blades and a shearing cutting action which are recommended for cutting coax and other copper based low voltage cables. The curved blades minimize cable deformation, which helps keep the cable impedance (Ω) consistent during connector to cable termination, and allows cable stripping tools to work more efficiently and accurately.

The jaw tip of the Data T® has a flat cutting area which aides in cutting used cable ties and other related items in hard to access locations.

Jaw opening is large enough to cut many multi-cable structured cables.

  • Compact, 5 ½” overall length, lightweight, with a large jaw opening to easily cut ½” diameter cables
  • Flat cutting tip for cable tie cutting or braid trimming
  • Cuts coax up to RG-11, twisted pair cables, and other copper based cables with ease
  • Stamped steel construction with form ground cutting edges
  • Curved handles allow for more cutting leverage and user comfort compared to straight handles
  • Black oxide coated for protection from the environment
  • Spring loaded handles require less effort for repeated cutting
  • Locking pawl keeps tool in closed position when not in use to protect blade edges
  • Tool is not insulated. Do not use on live circuits.
  • Made in the USA of US and Global Components